Description of the spaces

A versatile space of 8,500 m2 where all scenarios are possible.

A versatile and multipurpose space in which any project can be materialized, where a team of professionals will put at your disposal their know-how and a wide range of innovative solutions.

Low level

La Farga Activities Center

First floor

La Farga Congress

Main Hall

The main hall in La Farga Activity Centre is the largest room, where all kinds of events can be held. The size and versatility of the room means that the venue can host fairs, functions, concerts, meetings, conferences and other large events.

Measures: 127 x 62 m (7.874 m2)

Hall Bar

Ideal for breakfasts, snacks and lunches, this light and comfortable space measuring 165 m2 can be used to complement the other rooms in La Farga Congress, and is an excellent solution for other small company events.

Measures: 165m2
Dinner party: 50 pax
Workspace: 30 pax
Cocktail: 100 pax
Theatre: 70 pax


A comfortable space with the most advanced audiovisual technology.
The ideal place to host conferences, congresses, presentations and all other types of business and cultural events.

Capacity for 213 seats with two spaces for people with reduced mobility.
Simultaneous interpreting cabins.
Sound booth.
Individual microphone.
Retractable 3×3 metre screen.
Overhead projector.
Video cameras.
Wireless and lapel microphones.
Main table for up to 10 speakers.
Access to the room free of architectural barriers.

Rooms 1 & 2

Room 1 (71 m2) and Room 2 (82 m2) perfectly complement each other in terms of the different activities that are held on the ground floor of the complex: fairs, conferences, concerts, etc. They can be used as organisation rooms, secretarial spaces, for launches, press rooms, workstations, cocktail evenings, or even small storage rooms.

Room 1

Measures: 9,7 x 7,4 m (71,35 m2)
Dinner party: 60 pax / Workspace: 30 pax / Cocktail: 60 pax / Theatre: 45 pax

Sala 2

Measures: 11,3 x 7,2 m (81,8 m2)
Dinner party: 60 pax / Workspace: 42 pax / Cocktail: 100 pax / Theatre: 70 pax

Rooms 4,5,6 & 7

They provide a wide range of possibilities for complementary activities during fairs and conferences, as well as for all kinds of events with specific requirements. The corridor is 500 m2 and, as well as being an elegant means of access, it is also a potential gallery for displaying a variety of publicity materials or striking artistic creations.

Room 4

Measures: 26,1 x 17 m (460m2)

Room 5

Measures: 12,4 x 18 m (225m2)

Room 6

Measures: 12,3 x 17,1 m (210m2)

Room 7

Measures: 9,8 x 17 m (166m2)

Multi-purpose room (8,9 & 10)

600 m2 of versatile space that can be used to host different events.

Through practical mobile panels, the room can be divided into spaces of 400 or 200m2 to adapt to any needs, from business lunches or small concerts to conferences, exhibitions and presentations.

Measures: 37,7 x 15,3 m (600m2)
Dinner party: 450 pax
Workspace: 411 pax
Cocktail: 550 pax
Theatre: 575 pax
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